10-19/07/2018 Closing session of the EU4You in Strassbourg

27/11/2018 17/12/2018  Shadow Work of Victoria Maldonato from Mexico at the EU4You

24/10/18-7/11/18, work-shodowing at  BIC by Carlos Martin Mejia Espinosa from Peru, at the EU4You project.

14/10/2018 The CEO and Assistant Professor at the TEI of Central Macedonia, delivered a keynote speech at the Coference at the Sal Sessebar in Bulgaria, organized by the University for National and


16/07/2018 The CEO and Assistant professor of the TEI of Central Macedonia participates at the Final meeting of the technical Committee of the Erasmus+ KA2 - PAES

16/06/2018 BIC participated with two members in Cancun Mexico, for the creation of a tool-kit for the development of Social Economy and Cultural Management.

24/05/2018 BIC undertook the responsibility and organized successfully the International Conference, under the cooperation of the Municipality of Serres & the University of Macedonia with special objective the Agri-Food sector.

10/07/2017 The proposals for training mobility have been set into the reserve list in a non feasible priority.

10/06/16 The proposal to train in Italy staff members in using Psychology in business Negotiations", has not been approved, not discarded either. In the waiting list...

Feb. - Apr. 2015   Proposals have been submitted at the ERASMUS +  KA1, both as proposing and supporting entity.

26th of March 2013, the Grundtvig workshop on "Aesthetics - Creativity - Innovation & Entrepreneurship", has been successfully,  concluded. Read More...


A GRUNDTVIG adults training project has been approved.



Leonardo da Vinci Placement "MANASKIN" (PLM), about the Business Incubator setup and running, has been successfully concluded.